Pharmacogenetics and the future of personalized medicine

Discover how our genes affect our response to drugs

What is pharmacogenetics?

Welcome to the "Farmacogenoma" blog. In this space you will find information on how an individual's genes can influence the way they respond to drugs, and how pharmacogenetics can help personalize treatments and improve their efficacy and safety.

Pharmacogenetics is a branch of genetics that studies how genetic variations can affect an individual's response to drugs. Each person has a unique combination of genes that can influence how their body processes medications, which may explain why some patients experience severe side effects, while others do not experience them at all.

In this blog, we will explore advances in pharmacogenetics research and how these can help physicians make more informed decisions about drug selection and dosing. We will also discuss how pharmacogenetics can help reduce healthcare costs and improve patients' quality of life.

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yellow medication pill on persons hand
yellow medication pill on persons hand

What will we talk about?

Safe and effective drugs

Pharmacogenetics can help healthcare professionals identify which drugs are best suited for which patients, reducing the risk of adverse reactions and improving treatment outcomes. Find out how pharmacogenomics can help you achieve safe and effective medication management.

assorted medication tables and capsules
assorted medication tables and capsules

Not to forget

Latest research and news

Learn about the latest advances in pharmacogenomics and how it affects personalized medicine. Stay up to date on the latest research and advances with our informative articles and expert analysis.

woman standing indoors
woman standing indoors


Involvement in research projects

We will tell you about the projects in which we participate from the University Hospital of Burgos in areas as diverse as hematology, oncology, psychiatry and neurodegenerative diseases. Are you interested?

We want to count on you too! Citizen participation in projects is a topic that is gaining more and more relevance worldwide. It is a process in which citizens become actively involved in decision-making and in the implementation of projects aimed at improving their community.

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